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3 Ways To Market Your Mortgage Business

January 16, 20242 min read

Ever wondered how to skyrocket your brand as a mortgage broker without breaking the bank?


It's not just about throwing money at ads.


There are three key media types to master: pay for it, earn it, or own it. Each offers a unique path to success.


Neglecting these options can leave you in the dust, struggling to catch up with competitors.


Without the right approach, your hard-earned efforts might just vanish into thin air.


Take Matt Chapman, for instance. By focusing on earned media, Matt consistently lands features in top industry publications like 'Cover Magazine'.


His secret?


Building a solid reputation and gaining recognition naturally.


It's not about paying for a false title; it's about authentic, hard-earned authority.


So here is what I would recommend you do…


1️⃣Focus on Owned Media First:


Leverage your website and social platforms to control your message and engage directly with your audience.


2️⃣Build Towards Earned Media:


As your reputation grows, opportunities for features in magazines and podcasts will follow.


3️⃣Invest in Paid Media Wisely:


Use it to amplify your established brand, not as a starting point.


What's been your experience with these media types? Have you found a particular order that works best for you?

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