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The Power of Creating Content for One Person

December 18, 20232 min read

Ever wondered why some content leaves a lasting impact while others fade into oblivion? The secret might just lie in who it's crafted for.


In the bustling digital landscape, content creation has morphed into an essential tool for connection and influence. But here's a twist: the pursuit of reaching the masses often overshadows a potent strategy – crafting content for just one individual.


Imagine this: each word you pen, each video you shoot, is tailored to address the needs, questions, and aspirations of a single person. Sounds limiting? On the contrary, it's incredibly empowering. It's the difference between casting a wide, often ineffective net and sending a laser-focused beacon that cuts through the noise, reaching the one who truly needs to hear your message.


As a content marketing and social selling expert, I've observed a common pitfall: equating success with views or conversions. Truth be told, the real triumph lies in the value your content adds to even a handful of lives. When your focus shifts to genuinely aiding that one person, the ripple effect is astounding.


Let's break it down. By mirroring your expertise and insights into your content, you don't just reach out – you resonate. It could be a blog post that becomes a beacon of hope, a video that ignites a spark, or a podcast that feels like a conversation with a mentor. This personal touch not only demonstrates your authority in your niche but also fosters a bond of trust and reliability.


Consider this: your content is not a fleeting moment but an enduring voice. Its impact isn't limited to immediate responses; its true power unfolds over time, reaching individuals who discover your wisdom months or years later. This is not about chasing transient trends but building a timeless repository of knowledge and guidance.


Take, for instance, the world of mortgage brokerage. By addressing specific queries, your content doesn't just fill a gap; it becomes a guiding light. The journey might not yield instant results, but it cultivates a community that values your insights and looks to you for direction.


So, to every content creator out there doubting the worth of their work: remember, your efforts have the potential to touch lives and initiate change. It's not about grand numbers; it's about that one person whose life you can transform. This is your calling – to create content that matters, that educates, that resonates.


Question to Ponder: Have you ever experienced a moment where a piece of content seemed tailor-made for your situation? How did it impact you? Share your stories in the comments – let's celebrate the power of personalised content together!

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Ash Borland

Mortgage Marketing Coach

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