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The Hidden Benefits of Daily Content Creation

January 11, 20242 min read

Innovation vs. Repetition: The Content Dilemma in the Mortgage Business

Creating content in the mortgage industry is a bit like fitness; you need to keep flexing those creative muscles to stay in shape. But what happens when you're torn between crafting new content and refurbishing the old? This is a conundrum I often discuss with my clients when plotting our content repurposing strategies.

The Perils of Content Complacency

Imagine skipping your regular gym workouts. The longer the break, the more arduous it becomes to return. Similarly, when we rely too heavily on our old content, we risk losing the beat of innovation and creativity. It's a pause that can cost us not just audience engagement, but also personal and professional evolution.

I remember a client's text vividly; it was a moment of catharsis for him. He had finally broken free from the shackles of content repetition, acknowledging that the creation of fresh content wasn't just a task—it was a step towards growth.

My Personal Content Creed

In my own odyssey as a content creator, I've likened daily content production to my daily workouts. It's a discipline that keeps my skills honed and my brand pulsating with relevance.

🚨Action Steps to Keep Your Content Muscle Strong: 🚨

1. Create Daily: Prioritize the generation of new content. It's not just about hitting the 'publish' button; it's about the creation process itself.

2. View Content as a Workout: Adopt the mindset that content creation is a daily regimen aimed at bettering your skills and output.

3. Embrace Continuous Growth: Realize that in the realm of content marketing, stagnation is not an option. You're either advancing or you're not.

Finding Your Content Equilibrium

How do we strike the right balance between producing fresh content and recycling what we already have? It's a delicate dance of understanding the value each brings to the table and the unique demands of our audience.

The 'Daily Workout' Philosophy

I'm an advocate for the 'daily workout' approach to content production. It's a philosophy that goes beyond the act of creation; it's a commitment to perpetual growth, to keeping the mind nimble and the brand dynamic.

Now, I'd love to hear from you. How do you juggle content creation and repurposing in your strategy? Are you a believer in the daily content workout? Your insights could be the beacon for fellow mortgage professionals navigating the same journey.

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